Actor / Writer


John is an actor, screenwriter and playwright. He hails from Florida and is a graduate of the University of Florida. In 1985, he and a partner formed the comedy group COMEDIA in Atlanta, Georgia. He was brought to Los Angeles by ABC two years later and has since built a impressive body of work in TV, film and theater.

For twelve years, he periodically traveled throughout the country performing his critically acclaimed one-man show, FATHER, SON & HOLY COACH, which is the tale of a father who wants a do-over in life and is determined to do so vicariously through his son. Posey seamlessly portrayed two dozen different people in the physical 90 minute production. It may be the only live production you'll ever see where the stage performer wrestles with himself and loses.

After a six recent month run in Los Angeles, FATHER, SON & HOLY COACH is set to embark on a future tour in the Southeast. Dates and locations will be published soon.

Posey also works extensively in the voice-over market and has shot more than 200 television commercials.

As a screenwriter, John has written screenplays for SONY, Disney and HBO. His feature script LEGENDARY, starring Patricia Clarkson, Danny Glover and Tyler Posey was released in the Fall of 2010.

His biopic about the famed 1940's-50's cultural icon "Gorgeous George" is set up at WWE Studios.

John is a speech writer, a ghost writer and has written on a wide range of subject matter. He has also created original syndicated programming for radio. He also teaches scene study at The Gray Studios in Los Angeles.

Tyler Posey is the other actor in the house and has worked consistently since the age of eight. He currently headlines MTV's hit series TEEN WOLF. John and Tyler have worked together on both stage, film and television.

Jesse Posey, a baseball pitcher since the age of 10, just retired from the game after 12 years, including two collegiate seasons. He has just joined brother and pops into the business.

John was married to Cyndi for 24 years, prior to her passing in 2014.

He lives in the Los Angeles area.


John began his career in radio at WDVH AM in Gainesville, Florida.

He took a motorcycle trip across the country at the age of 16 and barely lived to tell about it.

John's brother, David, was an All-Conference kicker for the University of Florida football team and later kicked for the New England patriots.

He is the cousin of retired race car driver/race commentator Sam Posey.

He was one of the original "ball boys" for the Miami Dolphins, along with the son of Larry King.

And, yes, it's true, he was the original "Dad" on the ABC TV series FULL HOUSE. After having watched nearly every episode of the long-running sitcom, John's youngest son, Jesse, found the original pilot of FULL HOUSE, with his dad in the lead role, a little "disturbing".